• Daily Deals Terms and Conditions
  • These Daily Deals Terms and Conditions are subject to and should be read with, our general Terms and Conditions.
  • At our discretion, Daily Deals (“Deals”) are available daily from 7 am – 23:59pm on weekdays and from 9 am – 23:59pm on weekends. In addition, please note that Daily Deals have a stock limit and may expire earlier if stock runs out.
  • Deal quantities are limited and as such, after a Deal is sold out, those particular Goods may be available on the Website at their normal selling prices (but no longer as a Deal).
  • We do not guarantee a specific saving. The extent of the Deal is at the sole discretion of Lapmart.
  • Four of each Deal may be purchased per customer, limited to your first order daily.
  • Adding a Deal to your cart, or completing your order for a Deal without paying for it, does not reserve the item for you. Lapmart must receive payment from you within 24 hours of you placing your order for a Deal, otherwise, we will cancel your order.
  • Lapmart will reserve stock for customers in the order in which it receives payment. Therefore if you pay via EFT, you might not get your item because Lapmart may only receive payment from you a few days later, and in the meantime, the Deal might sell out to customers paying immediately.
  • The List Price shown in respect of Deals and other discounted Goods is the recommended retail price suggested to us by the supplier of the relevant product. Where the supplier has not provided a recommended retail price, an estimate may be provided. Where a product is offered for sale by a Third Party Seller, the List Price may be provided by the Third Party Seller.
  • By purchasing any Deal, you are also automatically opting in for our Daily Deals daily newsletter as well as our general newsletter (you may opt-out of these newsletters at any time). Opting out of these newsletters after purchase will not affect the value of the Goods purchased.
  • Lapmart reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you.

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